Chiro Games
1 It is mandatory that a college/university employee represent each of the participating chiropractic/health science colleges at the games as their Chiro Games coordinator. (Student representatives are not acceptable or eligible to serve as an official representative of an institution at the Games.) No registration will be accepted without the college/university designated Chiro Games coordinator named on the registration form. The college/university is required to notify the host coordinator of any changes. The Chiro Games coordinator will serve as the contact person for their institution. The coordinators responsibilities include team registrations, supervision on site at games, attending all on site Chiro Games meetings and acting as a liaison between Chiro Games team captains and the host college Chiro Games coordinator.
 2 The Chiropractic Games volunteer coordinators will not assume any liability or responsibility for actions related to the hosting or participation in the Chiropractic Games.
 3  The Chiropractic Games shall be conducted on an agreed weekend in the fall.
 4 To be eligible to host the Chiropractic Games, it is required to have participated in the games for two consecutive years and have a full time employee of the host institute serve as the Chiropractic Games chairperson/contact for hosting the games. Additionally a completed bid request must be submitted for review to the Chiropractic Games Volunteer Coordinator Committee. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator Committee to obtain a bid packet. Upon its approval the institution will be placed in the Chiropractic Games host college/university rotation.
 5 To be eligible to participate in the Chiropractic Games, participants must be full time professional students at the chiropractic/health sciences Institution that they represent. Individuals who are staff, faculty, alumni, and family members may serve as team coaches or spectators only.
 6 For institutions to participate in the Chiropractic Games, it is required that each participating institution provide the Chiro Games host school with a certificate of insurance five business days prior to the start of the games naming the host school as an additional insured.
 7  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any Chiropractic Games venue or on provided transportation vehicles by the host college. Violation of this will result in forfeiture of the contest.
 8 Chiropractic Games participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner that best represents their profession. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.
 9 Fighting and/or leaving the bench or spectator area to participate in a fight in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic disqualification for the duration of the Chiropractic Games. All those in violation of this police will be required to leave the venue being utilized.
 10 To be eligible to be declared the winner of overall team awards in each event, teams must have the minimum number of participants as outlined for the said event.
 11 Awards: All members of the top three teams in each sport will receive first, second and third place medals. In addition, trophies will be awarded to the top three teams in the overall competition. Trophies and medals will be awarded at the post-event evening awards banquet.