We request a each school fill out and return this pre-registration form to help us plan for this event.

School Pre-registration Form
Due no later then September 25

All participating schools must have every student athlete individually sign the attached waiver which also acts as each teams official roster.  Players can be added after the deadline.

 Team Waiver Form


Please send all forms to:
Mr. Tony Petroccia
Chiropractic Games
37 N Brevard Ave
Cocoa Beach FL, 32931
Phone: 563.884.5856

 Registration Fees

$50 per player
$80 per golfer
$1,100 per hockey team.  Registration fees for hockey players are included in this cost.

Due October 1

Shuttle Service will be provided at no additional cost to and from Orlando International Airport on October 29 & 30 and return on November 2nd only, between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 pm  Travel must be arranged in groups. Individuals flying in alone or groups less than six should expect delays in shuttle service.  We will not send shuttles for individuals, they will have to wait for one of the larger groups.

This form must be returned by email, please save, fill out and email back to Tony Petroccia!

Captains Contact Sheet
Due no later then October 15



Each school must meet the minimum number of participants in order to enter a team.  Additionally, no team will be allowed to enter a team with more than the maximum allowed number of participants.  If you have a multi-sport athlete, for the roster limitation rule, that person will be counted as two people.  (example:  if you submit an eight-person swim roster, then you will not be permitted to add a swimmer from another sport.  If you submit a seven-person swim roster, then one person from another team could swim on your team.  If that person was a runner, then he/she would count against your limit on both teams)


SPORT              MINIMUM                          MAXIMUM         MINIMUM  TO START COMPETITION

Basketball            6                                              12                        4

Volleyball              4 (1 must be female)              6                           3 (1 must be female)

Softball                 10 (3 must be female)            15                        8 (3 must be female)

Running                5 (at least 2 must be female) 7                           5 (at least 2 female)         

Tennis                  4 (2 male, 2 female)               5                           4 (Must play out all five forfeits)

Hockey                 8                                              15                         9

Soccer                  6                                              10                         5

Flag Football        7                                              11                          5

Swimming            4 (2 male, 2 female)               8                            4 (2 female)

Table Tennis         4 (2 male, 2 female)               5                            4 (Must play out all five forfeits)

Golf                      4                                              4                             4